FLUIDTAINER LIQUID LOGISTICS offer high quality fully internationally certified RISHI owned brand of FLUIDTAINER Flexi Tanks and End-to-End logistics services for liquid transport. Flexi Tank is one of the most economical and efficient way to transport bulk liquid utilizing convenience of container shipping services through global container ports. Through our ONE CALL, ONE PACKAGE concept, we are able to provide comprehensive services from supply of suitable capacity & types of Flexi Tank to Installation & Loading Supervision; Pre & Post Port Logistics and Freight Solution thereby providing our clients with unique competitive edge over others.

RISHI FIBC SOLUTIONS operate 6 state of the art manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Mysore of combined 1.0 million square foot certified in conformity to some of the highest global standards requirement for Pharmaceutical and Food Grade FIBC. RISHI is an integrated manufacturer producing vital components for Flexi Tank & FIBC of LDPE and PP fully inhouse. Being the only Flexi Tank & FIBC manufacturer producing all LDPE and PP liners inhouse, RISHI is able to ensure stringent quality control with over 240 Quality Check Points before any product is delivered to our clients.

With the flexibility of RISHI production we are able to meet exacting requirements of our esteemed customers, offering Flexi Tank from 16,000 litres to 24,000 litres capacity. We offer the full range of multi type valve Flexi Tank namely top load/top discharge, top load/bottom discharge and the bottom load/bottom discharge flexi tanks. On demand we can also produce EVOH flexi tanks, temporary storage flexi tanks and flexi tanks for Refrigerated containers.

In addition to Flexi Tanks, we offer the wide product range produced by RISHI from Jumbo Bags to Silo Bags, and any other FIBC solutions from design to delivery.

Call us or drop us a note today and share with us your requirements for all your bulk liquid exports. Our dedicated team of professionals will be happy to meet and discuss on the most affordable and efficient way to meet your needs.

Mr. Danny Leong

General Manager(Liquid Fluid Division)